About Elidel Travel & Tour

Elidel Travel & Tour simply seeks to make travel arrangements less stressful for people and companies. Whatever travel plan you have, we are fully equipped to support you in the entire process. As a local indigenous company in Ghana, we aim to provide our partners with the necessary taste of Ghana to leave a fond mark with you.

Your Travel Solutions Expert!



Be the Leading provider for Travel Solutions in Ghana and Africa



Easing the stress people and companies encounter when making travel plans through our tailored comprehensive travel packages

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Our Values

Nothing shapes us better than what we comply and work by:

  • Safety:- We do not take your safety for granted; as such we have well-structured policies and procedures that guarantees your safety
  • Hospitality:- With every moment spent with us, you experience a sense of comfort and warmth - We make “Ghana, your home away from home”
  • Ethical Sustainability:- We do not compromise on our professional integrity and strive to maintain authenticity in all our dealings with our clients

We are built to Innovate your Travel Needs

Unique Client Engagement – you will truly remember us for this on any of your travels/tours with us

Accessible Travel Tools to track any part of your travel arrangement to reduce the stress of uncertainty

Advisory services to provide cost-effective plans to enhance your travel experience and arrangements

Continuous Improvement – we never stay same as your previous travel experience. We are always looking to offer better and innovative services to our partners