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Cultural Experience

/ per person
Discover an unforgettable cultural journey on a 10-day Ghana tour. Experience the richness of Ghana's diverse cultural heritage and ethnic groups.
10 Days 9 Nights

Historical Experience

/ per person
Explore Ghana's historical sites and uncover the legacy of its past, which is as relevant to modern Ghana as it was in ancient times.
10 Days 9 Nights

Gold Coast Unveiled

/ per person
Experience once in a life time completely immersive tour of Ghana which used to be called the Gold Coast.
13Days 12 Nights

Adinkra Experience

/ per person
Discover Ghana's top tourism attractions with the Adinkra Cultural Experience, a 10-day tour showcasing traditional arts, crafts, dance, and drumming ....
10 Days 9 Nights

Rediscover Your Roots

/ per person
Embark on an emotional journey to explore Ghana's history and culture, reconnect with your roots, and immerse in traditions. Meet chiefs and experience warm ...
9 Days 8 Nights

Chocolate Experience

/ per person
Embark on a chocolate journey in Ghana, from cocoa tree to bar. Savor the flavor of Ghana's top-notch cocoa beans that have been expertly processed into chocolate.
8 Days 9 Nights

Adventure Experience

/ per person
Go on an Adventure! Spend twelve wonderful days hiking and exploring through some of Ghana’s most visited parks climbing the highest mountain, monkey sanctua...
12 Days 11 Nights
Only Saturday, Sundays and Holidays ...

Accra City Tour

/ per person
Immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan flavors of Ghana’s Capital City. Experience a blend of the old and the new as you visit the iconic, the old, and the off-the- beaten track!
Cape Coast Castle and Kakum National Park Canopy ...

Eastern Eco Tour

$155 / per person
Umbrella Rock, Boti Falls & Aburi Gardens.

Safari & Local Beads Making

$150 / per person
Shai Hills Game Reserve, beads making factory. Includes: ...

Slave Castles Tour

$145 / per person
Cape Coast Castle & Elmina Castle. Includes: Transportation

Volta Adventures

$160 / per person
Mt Afadjato & Tagbo Waterfalls ...

Volta Eco – Tours

$160 / per person
Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary & Wli Waterfalls ...

Eastern Adventure

/ per person
Aburi Gardens, Asenema Waterfalls & Bunso Eco park.

Adrenaline Adventure

/ per person
Boat Ride, Abseiling & Kayaking ...
1 Day

Castles & Kakum Tour

/ per person
Somber history during this captivating two days tour. Learn about the role the Cape Coast and Elmina Castles/Dungeons played during the infamous Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade. Experience the adventures on the canopy walkway at the Kakum National Park.
2 Days 1 Night

Western Odessey

/ per person
Fort Amsterdam, Fort Apollonia & Nzulezu Stilt Village.
2 Days 1 Night

Keta Beach Gateway

/ per person
Go on a beach gateway to Keta in the Volta Region. Visit Fort Prinzenstein, St Paul Lighthouse, Keta Sea Defense. Rest of day to relax and enjoy the beach.
2 Days 1 Night
Mole National Park, Safari, Larabanga Mosque Tour
3 Days 2 Nights
Explore Africa's lively culture at Afrochella now AfroFuture 2024 through fashion, art, and music, while also delving into Ghana's deep history and culture.
8 Days 7 Nights
01 - 10 August, 2024

Royal Festival Tour

$2599 / per person
Experience the Majesty of Ghana's Royal Festival Tour, a 10-day journey that immerses you in the vibrant heart of Ghana.
10 Days 9 Nights
Women group at Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park




Ghana’s inspiring people, history and culture are sure to leave an indelible mark especially during the festive season month of December. With favorable weather, vibrant festivities, and captivating attractions, this time of the year promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking a unique adventure. Dubbed “December In GH” the inception of this initiative since 2019 as part of the Year of Return by the Ghana Tourism Authority has transformed and revolutionized Ghana’s tourism landscape.

December is the perfect time to visit Ghana, explore must-visit destinations, experience the rich Ghanaian culture, and partake in the festivals and events that grace this vibrant nation. Included in this year’s activity lineup, the calendar assures an even more spectacular showcase, offering a platform to explore Ghana and connect with several local communities during the festive season. These are some reasons why you need to be in Ghana this December;

The Perfect Weather: December in Ghana falls within the dry season, offering travelers ideal conditions for exploration. With temperatures ranging between 24°C to 32°C (75°F to 90°F), the weather is comfortable, making it a pleasant journey through Ghana’s landscapes and historical sites. Less humidity and fewer mosquitoes add to the delight of a hassle-free travel experience.

Visit Accra, The Vibrant Capital City: Begin your Ghanaian adventure in Accra, the bustling capital known for vibrant markets, historical sites, and beautiful beaches. Explore Makola Market, the National Museum, Nubuke Foundation, and Gallery 1957. Visit historical landmarks like Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Independence Square, and unwind on the picturesque beaches of Labadi and Bojo.

History and Beaches in Cape Coast: Cape Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site, beckons with the Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, poignant reminders of Ghana’s history. The palm-fringed coastline offers pristine beaches like Oasis Beach Resort and Coconut Grove Beach Resort, creating a perfect blend of history and relaxation.

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Exploring The Cultural Heartland in Kumasi: Kumasi, the vibrant capital of the Ashanti region, is a cultural haven. Explore the Manhyia Palace Museum, Kumasi Central Market, and craft villages of Bonwire, Ahwiaa, and Ntonso. Immerse yourself in the rich history and artistic traditions of the Ashanti Kingdom.

Wildlife and Nature in Mole National Park: Mole National Park invites you to experience Ghana’s diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Embark on guided walking safaris, jeep tours, or birdwatching excursions to encounter elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and a variety of bird species.

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Traditional Music and Dance Performances: Delight in Ghanaian culture through traditional music and dance performances. Experience the lively kpanlogo, highlife, and adowa dance styles at cultural centers, community gatherings, hotels, and restaurants throughout the country.

Visiting Local Markets and Artisan Workshops: Explore local markets and artisan workshops to immerse yourself in Ghana’s cultural heritage. Bargain at bustling markets, learn about traditional crafts, and try your hand at pottery, bead-making, or batik workshops.

Sampling Authentic Ghanaian Cuisine: Indulge in the flavors of Ghana with dishes like jollof rice, fufu with soup, banku with grilled tilapia, and waakye. Don’t miss sampling local drinks like palm wine and sobolo (hibiscus drink).

Some selected line-ups of Festivals and Events.

Diaspora to Ghana Business Success Toolkit + Expo (December 14) is your key to business opportunities in Ghana. This summit offers a guide on registering a business, establishing foreign-owned businesses, partnering with Ghanaians, investment requirements, work permits, office spaces, and more. Happening at the Holiday Inn.

Riverfest 23 @ Prampram (December 15 – 17) builds on its successful debut in 2022, recognized by the Ghana Tourism Authority. This year, it’s set to be even more engaging and exciting. Focused on promoting tourism, Prampram’s culture, and its people, the event also highlights the importance of protecting water bodies and raising ecological awareness. It’s a curated celebration of the country and location through entertainment and music.

BHIM Festival (December 22) marks the 5th Dimension Homecoming Edition of Stonebwoy’s celebrated concert happening at the Accra Sports Stadium. It’s set to explode with talent, featuring Stonebwoy and emerging artists, establishing itself as a powerhouse in afrobeats, reggae, and dancehall. Drawing music lovers from Ghana, Africa, and the Caribbean, it creates an electrifying atmosphere you won’t want to miss.

Ashanti Homecoming and cultural display (Decmeber 22 – 24) If you happen to be in Kumasi during this period, you would want to visit the Kumasi Cultural Centre, where there will be a display of the rich culture, arts and traditions of the region.

Citi FM Cituation All White Party (December 24), the highly anticipated Christmas Eve bash by Ghana’s Citi FM, is back! Get ready for a wonderland of music from top Ghanaian artists and DJs, creating memories for a lifetime. Join for the official Christmas party!

Westside Carnival (December 24 – 26) invites you to embrace the vibrant culture of the Western Region at its 18th annual celebration. Enjoy a colorful street festival with music, masqueraders, brass bands, and performances by artists like Hezron Clark and Kofi Kinatta. Dive into experiential centers, relish local cuisine, and join a beer festival. On December 25th is the much anticipated Tadifest, held in Takoradi, the regional capital to witness the grand procession of 50,000 masqueraders and explore the best goods and services from the region.

Taste of Ghana (December 27) at the State House, Accra, features authentic made-in-Ghana products, telling stories of cultural heritage and offering business opportunities. This festival highlights various aspects of Ghana’s diverse culture, including food, beverages, cinema, art, and clothing. Open to Ghanaians, the diaspora, and everyone interested.

Detty Rave 5 (December 27) is back! As the biggest Afrodance rave, it’s the most anticipated party of the year. After the success of the 2022 edition which featured star artistes like Shatta Wale, King Promise, Medical among others, celebrated as one of Ghana’s best events, this year promises to be even bigger with a star-studded lineup of DJs, ChopLife SoundSystem, and surprise acts. Save the date for a night of unforgettable fun!

AfroFuture (December 28 – 29): On top of the list is the much-anticipated AfroFuture born out of AfroChella which is a celebration of African music, art, food and fashion from across the continent. This festival attracts close to 10,000 visitors who come to experience Africa’s diverse culture and the vibrant work of African creatives and entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, December truly stands out as the perfect time to experience the beauty, vibrancy, and cultural richness of Ghana. From festive celebrations to captivating events, this month offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s charm. If you’re planning a visit or find yourself in Ghana during this special time, look no further than Elidel Travel and Tours. With our expertise, we can guide you through the best that Ghana has to offer, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience. Let Elidel be your trusted companion as you explore the wonders of Ghana in December.

For more details of events and activities for December in Ghana visit the official website https://decemberingh.com/events/

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